Frequently Asked Questions

How is the game played?

The rules of AskKanban! are really simple. It takes less than a minute for a team to learn the rules. Printed instructions are included with each game. There are also written and video instructions online. We encourage teams to invent new ways to utilize the cards for gameplay.

What is the game based on?

The game condenses twenty two of the Kanban Method's proven strategies and tactics for unhiding work and optimizing the flow its flow.

Who invented the game?

HUGE IO solicited and combined feedback from Lean Kanban University's global community of trainers and coaches to form the initial concept of the game. Teams from Africa, North America, South America and Europe implemented and improved the game over a one year period before the game was professionally designed and packaged for sale to the public.

How does the game best produce results?

It is recommended the game be played in lieu of a team's typical daily stand-up agenda daily for a month, weekly for a year and monthly forever. As new members join the team, is is recommended to repeat the pattern.

What's the difference between the game and the wall art?

The game is designed to played and the wall art is intended to be displayed to reinforce behavior change.

How do I access the video training?

There is video instruction online, which is a perfect resource to quickly align a team around Kanban-based behavior change.

Is volume pricing available?

If you wish to purchase more than 50 decks of the game or sets of wall art, please contacts us.

What is the quality of the cards?

These 4.72" x 4.72" color, double-sided cards are printed on high quality 100 lb gloss paper stock. The posters are 8.5"x11" paper of similar quality.

When will my order ship?

Orders received by 5:00 PM Eastern time are shipped within two business days.

How many decks do I need?

A single deck will facilitate strong conversation for a team of 12 or smaller.



    • • 1 Pack
    • • 10 unique cards
    • • 12cm x 12cm
    • • Instruction book
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    • • 10 Pack
    • • 10 unique cards (per deck)
    • • 12cm x 12cm
    • • Instruction book + video
    BUY NOW | $99.00

    • • 1 Pack
    • • 10 unique posters
    • • 22cm x 28cm
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