The Game That Will Engage
Your Team to Improve Their Workflow

AskKanban! is a card game that clarifies the ten most effective questions a team can ask to continuously improve.
  • What Can We Finish Today?

    Establish a culture where finishing is favored over starting.

  • Is Any of Our Work Hidden?

    Spot requests which are bypassing the process. Discover them now and make them visible before they impact our flow.

  • Is There a Pullable Card?

    Reducing idle time is the single easiest way to reduce waste and improve flow.

  • What Can We Swarm?

    Improve ow by acting on broken WIP Limits, bottlenecked queues, cards owned by an absent team member, and blocked, stale or risky cards.

  • Is There an Expedited Card?

    Ensure everyone is reacting appropriately to cards that have been identified as emergencies.

  • Is a Blocked Card Up Next?

    If the card at the top of the backlog is impeded, don’t pull it until it is unblocked.

  • Is There a Demand for Replenishment?

    A backlog without a pullable card is a signal of imbalance between capability and demand.

  • Are We Clear About What’s Next?

    Team gatherings should end with clear priority. Don’t confuse conversation with commitment.

  • Do All Cards in Progress Have an Owner?

    In order for a pull system to work correctly, all cards that are in progress must have an owner.

  • Is Anyone Assigned Too Many Cards?

    Context switching causes cards to be idle, which negatively impacts flow.


  • What is the quality of the cards?

    These 4.72" x 4.72" color, double-sided cards are printed on high quality 100 lb gloss paper stock.

  • When will my order ship?

    Orders received by 5 PM Eastern time are shipped the following business day.

  • How many decks do I need?

    A single deck will facilitate strong conversation for a team of 12 or smaller.

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